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Our stock includes more than twenty versions of debtors systems, five versions of cashbooks, two versions of payrolls, more than ten versions of stock systems and hundreds of other business systems and small programmes.
We can create a specific program for a small or large system.
Any of the sytems shown below can be modfied to suit individual needs and can be made multi user for networking.

All prices shown are exclusive of GST.
Please email or call us for more information.

Program Name/Description Price
1. Assets register $300
2. Auctioneers system with invoicing $500
3. Barcode printing program $250
4. Cashbook
See full details on several types of Cashbook
5. Cashbook Integrated with General Ledger $500
6. Cashbook (for home use) $50
7. Clubs Member System
This program was designed for clubs to keep and print members’ details and subscription data. Will also print labels and reports
8. Creditors System
All creditor names and other details can be stored. Invoices can be entered and analysed. Aged trial balance and several other reports may be printed. Invoices can be held and remittance advice can be printed
9. Simple Diary $100
10. Debtors Open Invoice
All the debtors’ functions plus Open Invoice functions. The invoice can be kept open and worked on, and closed when finished
11. General Ledger System
All the standard general ledger functions are available. Unlimited codes can be set up with sub-codes. All transactions can be viewed or printed between two dates. Reversing journals can be entered. Current, budget, last year and year before are shown on profit and loss and balance sheet between two dates. This module can be integrated with Cashbook, Debtors or Creditors
12. Hire and Rent System
All the clients and equipment data is stored and automatic or manual invoices can be generated. All of the debtors’ functions are available
13. Hotel Rates System
This database is designed to keep records of clients with special rates and requirements. Several reports plus lookup facility are provided
15. Layby System
This program can be standalone or integrated to debtors or point of sale. The program keeps track of goods on layby and payments etc. Several reports are available
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16. Motor Vehicle Dealer System
Vehicles details can be entered and GST is worked out automatically. Any repairs and expenses can be entered. The history of buyers, sellers and expenses is kept
17. Nursery and Plant Labels
The plant code description can be entered in a database. This information can be printed on special plant labels. Reports can be printed
18. Orders System
System Can be used to keep track of orders. The supplier information can be set and orders can be typed in and printed. The stock description file can be used to make orders. The orders can be faxed directly to a supplier [optional]. Goods can be checked against orders
19. Payroll System
See full details on several types of Payrolls
20. Payroll for Shearers
Email or call for a detailed explanation
21. Phone Directory and Dialing
Very simple phone book system with direct dialing. The client can be marked and details typed into a notebook while talking on the phone
22. Point of Sale
This program has all the functions of Debtors system and stock system. The Point of Sale invoice has cash draw opening, payment type, and other functions. The daily reports can print gross profit per item and summaries. Also running cash sale etc. can be kept. Layby module can be integrated [optional] Special promotional prices can be set up
23. Price Book and Quotation
Price book can be set up or imported from other suppliers. The quotes can be entered and saved. This module can be integrated to jobcost system
24. Recipe and Pricing
This module can be set up for recipes or costing of any manufactured item. Each item may have a code and several items can be used to make one item. The price is automatically adjusted when editing the stock cost
25. Rent system
All the function of Debtors plus modified automatic invoicing system. All the details of property are kept. Repairs and expenses can be entered. Tenants can be charged automatically
26. Staff Time
This module collects all the times entered by staff for payroll or jobcard systems
27. Stock System
We carry several modules of stock systems. Can be integrated to debtors, point of sale, jobcosting and creditors. From one selling price to five selling prices. Stock group, month to date and year to date sales, gross profit per item and several reports. Also individual client price file. For items with serial numbers a special stock module is available. Various reports can be printed
28. Transport System
We have several versions of this program, which is a combination of Debtors, open invoice and other modifications. Vehicle details can be kept.
29. Vehicle Maintenance System
This program can keep all the details of vehicles, next service and RUC due. All the expenses can be entered. Full history of vehicle is kept.
30. Warrant of Fitness System
This may be used stand alone, or integrated to Debtors or Workshop systems. The vehicle details and the next WOF data are entered. Weekly reports and reminders can be printed. Labels or letters can be printed and sent.

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