All Programs

All Programs

Our stock includes more than twenty versions of debtors systems, five versions of cashbooks, two versions of payrolls, more than ten versions of stock systems and hundreds of other business systems and small programmes. We can create a specific program for a small or large system.
Any of the sytems shown below can be modified to suit individual needs and can be made multi user for networking.

Some of the main standard programs are :

Program Name Price
Cashbook from 300
Creditors from 250
Debtors, invoicing & Stock From 300
General Ledger 300
Hire & Rent system from 500
Labels & Barcodes printing from 300
With names database 100
Drycleaner system from 1000
Motor Vehicle dealer 350
Orders system from 250
Payroll system from 300
Point of Sale from 500
Stock system from 250
Jobcards system from 500
Telemarketing from 300
Transport system from 1000
Vehicle maintenance 250
Workshop Jobcards & Invoicing system from 1000
Clubs database 150
Cashbook for home 150
Staff time sheet from 250
Barcodes printing 250

Webroot Anti-virus systems are $ 40 plus GST per computer per year.

Small quick Utilities programs

Find GST $25
Show age by Date of Birth $25
Find HP and repayments $25
Retirement calculations $25
Electronic Diary $30
Own Vehicles database $25
Price list and stock $50
Internet shortcuts menu $25
Backup to USB device $25
Customers & Friends database $25