We offer several versions of Cashbooks to suit nearly every type of business. Our Cashbook is easy to understand and use, and has been created for non-accountants.


  • No limits to number of transactions and number of posting codes
  • GST rate setup facility for individual posting code, from zero to maximum
  • Names code file to speed up transaction entry
  • The amount can be divided into several posting codes
  • Automatic payments can be entered for weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • Ninety-nine bank accounts can be operated
  • Lookup, edit facility for any transaction by transaction number, date or name codes
  • Running Cashbook, bank, and GST totals can be entered for Profit and Loss report
  • Transfer funds between banks
  • Create bank deposit slip
  • Clear and reconcile transaction against bank statements
  • Transactions can be posted to department codes also
  • Cashbook transaction can be posted to General Ledger system
  • Can be purchased single user or multi user
  • Can be integrated to debtors system


  • Posting codes summary and detailed reports between two dates for selected codes
  • GST report between two dates
  • Bank reconciliation between two dates
  • Profit & Loss report between two dates, GST inclusive or exclusive
  • Assets & Liability report
  • Budget and last year comparisons
  • Cashflow report between two dates
  • Bank deposit slip can be printed, one for bank and one for user
  • Cheques on hold report
  • Automatic payments report
  • Names codes report
  • Posting codes report
  • Reports by department codes
  • Quantity totals with Cashbook report [Farm Cashbook only]
  • Monthly budget and last year comparative Profit & Loss report [optional]
  • Cheques can be printed, bank transfer file can be created [optional]
  • Some reports can be imported into Excel, Lotus and other programs