Shearers Payroll and Debtors System

Shearers Payroll and Debtors System

Developed in association with Livestock Office

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Totally integrated payroll and accounting package including modules of payroll, debtors, stock and cashbook.

Software developed in New Zealand for New Zealanders and New Zealand conditions

Suitable for the Shearing Industry, and adaptable to other contracting enterprises e.g. forestry, packing sheds, vineyards, transport industry and staff recruitment to name a few.

Windows Based

Standard modules are Payroll, Debtors, Stock and Cashbook. Creditors and Cheque Writer are optional extras

Totally integrated

The program is totally integrated i.e. one entry of data updates all modules

Customisable Features

  • Unlimited rates, personal staff rates
  • Draws, advances & stores
  • Stock control
  • Debtors open invoice
  • Complete cashbook
  • Totally integrated
  • Bank software supported
  • IR file
  • User friendly
  • Support and backup provided

Debtors and Invoicing System Reports

  • Aged trial balance
  • Control Account report
  • Invoice / Payments and GST reports
  • Historical Statement can be printed
  • Clients and product sales reports
  • Gross profits reports per invoice

Payroll Features

  • Unlimited Staff Records
  • Unlimited pay rates, before-tax allowances, after-tax allowances and deductions
  • Special rates calculations for shearers and shedhands
  • Features in place to allow % rates increases / decreases of rates for live-in etc.
  • Features in place to allow Bonus % payments of top of current rates per job
  • Automatic PAYE, student loan and earners premium calculations
  • Holiday and sick leave calculations
  • Automatic holiday payments for casual staff
  • Notepad (history) for each staff member
  • Direct credit to bank
  • Pays can be allocated to Departments
  • Year to date Payslip lookup
  • Staff / Client / Rates history by date
  • PAYE formulas can be edited or new one added
  • Direct credit file for banking can be created (.afi file)
  • IR file created (.csv file)
  • Staff current account (draws / purchases)
  • View / add new staff details from within payslip screen
  • View / add staff personal rates from within payslip screen
  • View / add staff notes (history) from within payslip screen
  • Integrated to invoicing and debtors system and Cashbook
  • Automatic Accounts printing for Farmers (Debtors)
  • View / print GP% per tally sheet

Payroll Reports

  • Quick payslip report (during the pay period) of Gross, current PAYE, 40% amount for deductions, current account status
  • Payslip can be printed on plain paper
  • Name and address of Staff place so payslip fits in window envelope
  • Payslip Summary reports with analysis
  • PAYE reports
  • Holiday leave reports
  • IR348 Monthly Schedule report ? IRD approved report
  • Deductions, Allownaces reports
  • Department report
  • Statistics reports
  • Year to date reports for pays, PAYE, allowances, deductions, holidays etc

Debtors and Invoicing System Features

  • Keep all details of Client and sales history
  • Make invoices, credit notes, journals and quotes
  • Full Stock Module to keep codes, descriptions and price to charge
  • Text file to import frequently used text
  • Keep history of all invoices and payments
  • More than one period can be worked on at the same time
  • Open invoice system keeps invoices open until finished
  • Gross product by product and client
  • Client invoice condensed into one entry per work codes
  • View / print all entries for each work code
  • Monthly roll over

Cashbook Features

  • No limits to number of transactions and number of posting codes
  • Alpha or numeric or combination for codes
  • GST rate setup facility for individual posting code, from zero to maximum
  • Names code file to speed up transaction entry
  • Automatic payments can be entered for weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • Ninety-nine bank accounts can be operated
  • Lookup, edit facility for any transaction by transaction number, date or name codes
  • Running Cashbook, bank and GST totals can be entered for Profit and Loss report
  • Transfer funds between banks
  • Create bank deposit slip
  • Clear and reconcile transactions against bank statements
  • Transactions can be posted to department codes also

Cashbook Reports

  • Single entry updates Debtors
  • Journal codes (posting codes) summary and detailed reports by date for selected codes
  • GST report between two dates
  • Bank reconciliation between two dates
  • Profit and Loss report between two dates, GST inclusive or exclusive
  • Assets and liability report
  • Budget and last year comparisons
  • Cashflow report between two dates
  • Bank deposit slip can be printed, one for the bank and one for office copy
  • Cheques on hold report
  • Automatic payments report
  • Names codes report
  • Journal codes (posting codes) report
  • Report by department codes
  • Cheques can be printed (optional)
  • Some reports can be imported into Excel, Lotus and other programs