Workshop Systems

Workshop Systems

Three versions of the workshop system are currently available, all designed to be easily used and understood.


  • Make jobcards as jobs come in
  • Type in parts and labour as the job progresses
  • When job is completed, check the jobcard and turn it into tax invoice
  • Update warrant of fitness data for next automatic reminder
  • Update next service and wheel alignment data if required
  • Print statements and other analysis reports at the end of the month
  • Database for special jobs, modifications and specifications
  • Keep all details of clients, sales history
  • Make invoices, credit notes, journals, and quotes
  • Debtors discounts and credit limit settings
  • Text file to automatically import frequently used text
  • Stock system to keep codes, descriptions, and price to charge
  • Text file to automatically import frequently used text
  • Payments can be automatic or manual ageing
  • Keep history of all invoices and payments
  • More than one period can be worked on at the same time
  • Open invoice system to keep invoices open till finished
  • WOF reminders
  • Multi company debtors system [Optional]
  • Product files can be imported from other suppliers
  • Orders system can be integrated


  • Aged trial balance report
  • Control account report to see all details on one screen
  • Selectable statements printing
  • Invoice/payment and GST reports
  • Historical statement can be printed
  • Clients and product sales reports
  • Report by sales agents or department
  • Gross profit reports per invoice

This program can be integrated with several other modules. It can be purchased single user or multi user. Staff Times module can be integrated for staff to enter the time from the workshop computer to the job and these times can provide reports for the payroll system. The orders system can also be integrated and orders can be emailed from the computer. The program can be modified to suit individual needs.